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Caminito del Rey reopens

The walking trail and tourist attraction Caminito del Rey which was closed on April 1 st will reopen on April 22nd and tickets are available from April 18th.

caminito-del-reyThe popular and spectacular hiking trail was closed on april 1st due to administrative problems when the new contractor was about to get the opening license. But all that is now resolved and a now local company has a license for operation for four years. They must control the entire operation, with everything from maintenance and security to ticketing.

But only 10% of the tickets can be ordered through the company’s website:
One third of the tickets will be sold through travel agencies, while the remaining third goes to local area businesses (restaurants, hotels, etc.). The remaining tickets are reserved for universities and various research projects.

To protect the area, the number of visitors is limited to 1,100 visitors per day and a maximum of 300,000 visitors per year. It will be closed on Mondays, Christmas and New Year holidays and when the weather is too bad. Ticket prices will be up to ten euros per person.

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