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Caminito del Rey opens soon

The restoration of the Caminito del Rey has gone faster than planned and is expected to open as early as January 2015

Caminito del Rey

Caminito del Rey
Foto: Erixon Consulting

The work, which is well ahead schedule continues in a good pace, and is now 70% complete. King Philip VI who has been invited to perform the opening ceremony, has not yet responded, but one would expect a positive response. It was the king’s great-grandfather, King Alfonso XIII, who made a visit there on 21 May 1921 in connection with the opening of the dam “Conde del Guadalhorce.”

The project is managed by “Malaga Sando Construcciones” and is budgeted at € 2,244,101 and was started in March this year. In addition to the rehabilitation of the entire 3 km long footpath including the 1.2 km long section hanging in the mountains will also improve access to the road at both ends.

The new walkway is made of wooden planks that are plugged into holes in the rock, but some parts will, however be made of glass, so you can see 100 meters straight down to the “Los Gaitanes” gorge. The technology used is very similar to the original technology used by the hydropower company “Sociedad Hidroeléctrica El Chorro” between 1901 and 1905.

The renovation has been planned in more than 25 years and in the meantime, there are several who have lost their lives when they have walked on the dilapidated pathway. Caminito del Rey has been officially closed since 2001, but there are many who have defied the ban, even though they risked life and a fine of € 6,000. A reopened Caminito del Rey is calculated to mean a lot to the tourism industry in Guadalhorce.