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Breaking: Spanish cabinet bans all unnecessary journeys

Spain has been locked down in order to prevent further spreading of the Coronavirus

The town hall in Madrid

Unless you are going to work, going to a supermarket or a pharmacy, visiting a bank or going to assist someone in need of aid, there are really few reasons that will allow you to leave the house.

The lockdown will last for 15 days.

Supermarkets, fruit and vegtable stores, fishmongers, butchers, bakers, pharmacies, gas stations, tobacconists and newsstands will still remain open. The remaining shops, bars, restaurants, hotels etc are being closed. Sports facilites, libraries, parks, beaches and play grounds have also been closed.

Spain has been put in a state of alarm, which allows the government to prevent people of moving around.

These are the only reasons that will allow you to leave your house:

1. Going to a supermarket to buy food or going to a pharmacy
2. Going to a healthcare centre
3. Going to work
4. Going to assist and care for seniors, minors, dependants, disabled or vulnerable people
5. Going to a bank or other financial institutions
6. Going back to your habitual residence
7. For reasons of force maeure or situations of necessity
8. Any other activity that is justifiably necessary
9. To walk your pet (this was not mentioned in the original list, but mentioned specifically during the Q&A after the press conference)
10. To fill your vehicle up with fuel

You are not allowed to leave the house to take a walk, visit a friend or to take a drive with your car just for pleasure. You can take your dog out for a short walk, but you must keep a distance to other people of 1.5 meters.

Citizens are only allowed to leave their homes individually on foot or by car (unless accompanying a disabled person or for another justified reason)

The Interior Ministry will be able to close down the roads and there will be check points where they will check where you are going and what your reason for being outside is.

After all schools, universities, bars restaurants and shops were closed down in Madrid, the Madrileños were starting to leave the capital heading for the holiday homes in Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, which would further spread the virus. Students in Madrid have also headed back to their homes after the universities were closed.

The health authorities have earlier pointed out that there is no need to panic stock food, as this only complicates the logistics for the supermarkets. The spanish food stores are full so we are not going to run out of food. Of course it is a good idea to limit your visits to the supermarket as to prevent spreading the virus, but the situations we have seen the last couple of days where the shelves at Mercadona have been emptied are totally unnecessary.

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