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Black panther spotted in the Almería area

Black Leopard

Black Panther. Foto: Wikipedia

A black panther has been caught on film by a person in the area Celin, Sierra de Gador.

Also in 2013 a number of meetings with the panther in the same area were reported, and fruitless attempts were made to capture the big cat. Again this year, the animal appeared in the vicinity of a poplulated area, and there are suspicions that the cat has been in close contact with people and then abandoned.

In the film, which is made with a mobile camera, a big cat with dark fur is sitting minding it’s own business and after a while it sneaks away among the vegetation. The animal did not seem intimidated by human presence and was not afraid when the filmmaker was making noise.

The mayor of Dalías, Jerónimo Robles, would love to take the opportunity to advertise their village. “It’s a great place to visit,” he says, and explains that the helicopters from Nature conservation has flown over the area trying to locate the panther.

No decision has been taken whether to shut down the area where the animal appears to be and no votes have been heard about the powerful cat should be shot.

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