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Bla Bla Car threatened with fines

The ridesharing company Bla Bla Car and two of their drivers are threatened with fines. The Regional Governement in Madrid believes that the two drivers have been transporting people without a valid license.

blablacar_logo_es_no_holder_rgbBla Bla Car is present in 22 countries and boasts 35 million members, but this is the first time that the company is accused of conducting unlicensed passenger transport.

Bla Bla Car is a service where the users can share the costs of driving, thus the driver and passenger (s) share the cost of fuel and road tolls.

The Regional government in Madrid believes that the two drivers have charged their passengers beyond the costs of petrol and road tolls and thus it is considered an unlicensed passengers transport. The drivers, who deny that they have offered unlicensed passengers tranport, are risking fines of € 4,001 while Bla Bla Car risks a fine of € 8,803 for organizing of illegal passenger transport.

Their service has become very popular in Spain after the financial crisis and now has 3 million users in Spain. There are very strict guidelines for what you can charge in order to call it ride sharing and Bla Bla Car claim they have employees who makes sure that the drivers are following these guidelines. For example, car insurance and depreciation of the vehicle’s value (financial costs) can not be used to calculate the transport expenses.

Previously Über was stopped in Spain because you could book a taxi via their app. Über has now been relaunched in Spain with licensed drivers. Bla Bla Car is different from Über since the drivers do not charge for the transportation.

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