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Bigger ferris wheel to Malaga

The company that operates the Ferris wheel in the port of Malaga has extended the concession for the operation of the wheel and now they want to replace it with a much larger Ferris wheel.

malaga-ferris-wheel-1The existing Ferris wheel was put into operation in August 2015 and got a license for eight months. It has now has been extended by four months. But the wheel was never meant to be permanent and now the company Mederyt Show Services wants to replace it with a permanent wheel which will also be bigger and with larger cabins. Due to complaints from neighbors the current location is not accetable, but the company now assumes that they will get access to a different location in the port where there are no neighbors who might be disturbed.

The current wheel is 70 meters high and each cabin has room for 8 people. The new wheel will be 100 meters high and each cabin has room 17 people. The new larger cabins then provides the opportunity to offer other services and events for groups.

In order to realize the project Mederyt Show Services will get a license for at least eight years and gain access to an attractive place without the aforementioned neighbor problems. The new 100 meter high wheel will be Spain’s tallest Ferris wheel.

The head of the company, Santiago Sardà, said that the first eight months of the current ferris wheel received good response from the audience, both locally and from tourists. “We are very happy because the facility has worked well and has been a success.” Especially during Easter the ferris wheel was very popular.

The view over Malaga on a beautiful autumn day in November, photographed from the Ferris Wheel. Photo: Erixon Consulting

The view over Malaga from the Ferris Wheel on a beautiful autumn day in November. Photo: Erixon Consulting.

For the plans to be realized, it requires the approval from several authorities, primarily the port authorities and the municipality. Santiago Sardà assumes that the project will be completely planned no later than in June this year.

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