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Be prepared for the christmas lottery

Tomorrow, december 22nd, the great Spanish Christmas lottery is being drawn, so whoever wants to be in has to buy a lottery ticket or a fraction of a lottery ticket.

loteria-de-navidad-2015The Spanish Christmas lottery is the world’s largest and most famous lottery and during the drawing much of society is halted. It has a prize pool of over € 2.2 billion and an unrivaled 15% chance of winning. In Spain 98% of the adult population are participating in the lottery. Families, friends, villages, towns are celebrating the drawing of the Spanish Christmas lottery. The drawing is one of the highlights of Spain. It is being displayed on TV and radio and appears in peoples’ homes, in restaurants, taverns and squares. What everyone is waiting for is the grand prize – El Gordo (The Fat One) – that can emerge at any time during the draw, which often lasts for over three hours.

It’s no wonder that the Christmas lottery is so popular. The chances of winning a jackpot of over 4 million € are to 100,000, an unprecedented odds in lottery contexts! But the main prize is not all that matters. The smaller prizes of over € 1,000 is nothing to underestimate. There are also 10,000 other prizes worth between 50 € to 200 €.

The lottery is officially named El Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad but is also called El Gordo de Navidad or simply El Gordo. It is the second oldest existing lottery and was started in 1892. The lottery was also in operation during the Spanish Civil War, but then the two respective sides each had their own lottery.

Each lottery ticket costs 200 €, but you can also buy fractions of tenths for 20 €. The first price (El Gordo) is worth 4,000,000 Euro, and since there are 180 series, there will be 180 lucky first prize winners. The total prize sum is €. During the drawing, the winning numbers are being sung out by of pupils at Madrid’s oldest school; CEIP San Ildefonso, starting at 9 p.m. It is being broadcasted live on several Spanish TV and radio channels, as well as online.

Tickets can be purchased in all lottery shops as well as many tobacco retailers. Many bars also sell shares in the lottery. More information here:

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