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Awards for olive oil producers

Olive OilAndalusian olive farm multi award-winning.

La Torre de Bobadilla in Antequera has won numerous prestigious awards for its “green gold”, olive oil. A while ago, got the highest ratings in ”EL Premio Alimentos de España al Mejor Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra de la campaña 2013-14”, meaning something like: “Spain’s Nation Championship in Foodstuffs, The Best Extra Virgin Olive oil, 2013-14.”

It was also considered as the very best organic olive oil when the Agricultural-, Dietary- and Environment Ministry (El Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimenatción y Medio Ambiente) appointed its winner. As if this was not enough, they got recently also olive oils “Oscar” for its high quality. They took home first prize in the “La Calidad Mario Solinas”, which is awarded annually by the International Council of olive oil (El Consejo Oleícola Internacional, COI).