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Award winning cheese sold in Mercadona

A cheese sold in Mercadona for 10.2 Euros per kilo has been ranked among the best in the world.

La Reserva de Entrepinares. Photo by Queserias Entrepinares

The World Cheese Awards  2018 was held last weekend and in the top 16 of the best cheeses in the world there are three Spanish cheeses, one of them for sale in Mercadona. A total of 3,472 cheeses from 41 countries have been judged by an international panel of 230 experts from 29 nations. The winner of this year’s edition was Fanaost, from the Norwegian Ostegarden cheese factory, which only has 12 cows in its facilities.

In addition to Italian, French, Swedish, British, Danish and even South African cheeses, the list of the ‘super gold’ cheeses of the contest has a surprise: In position 13 is La Reserva de Entrepinares, from Queserias Entrepinares, a cheese that is being sold in Mercadona for 10.20 euros per kilo.

Along with La Reserva de Entrepinares, there are two more Spanish cheeses in the top 16 list: On the 10th place is the Majorero DOP – Maxorata semicurado con pimentón, from the Ganaderos de Fuerteventura Group; while Formatge Madurat, from the Formatges Mas El Garet cheese factory in Barcelona, was ranked as number 14.

On 12th position is the English cheese Golden Cross, from Golden Cross Cheese.

This is the list of the 16 best cheeses in the world:

1.- Fanaost, from Ostegarden (Norway)
2.- Agour Pur Brebis AOP Ossau Iraty, from QST International (France)
3.- Helfeit, Brun Geitost, Tinntradisjon, from Stordalen Gardsbruk (Norway)
4.- Almnäs Tegel, from Almnäs Bruk (Sweden)
5.- Riserva del Fondatore, from Caseificio Il Fiorino (Italy)
6.- Baffalo Blu, from Caseificio Defendi Luigi Srl (Italy)
7.- Lihmskov, from Grand Fromage (Denmark)
8.- Taupinette Jousseaume, from Jousseaume Earl (France)
9.- Caciocavallo, from Azienda Agricola E Zootecnica Posticchia Sabelli. (Italy)
10.- Majorero DOP – Maxorata semicurado con pimentón, from Grupo Ganaderos de Fuerteventura (Spain)
11.- Kilembe, from Belnori Boutique Cheesery (South Africa)
12.- Golden Cross, from Golden Cross Cheese (United Kingdom)
13.- La Reserva Tostado Viejo, from Queserías Entrepinares (Spain)
14.- Formatge Madurat, from Formatges Mas El Garet (Spain)
15.- Pecorino Gran Riserva del Passatore, from Romagna Terre (Italy)
16.- Maayan Harod, from Shirat Roim (Israel)

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