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Average speed cameras back in Mijas Costa

The average speed cameras on the A7 motorway in Mijas costa are now back in operation.

A7 Benalmadena. Photo: Wikipedia

The cameras have been de-activated for a period of time while repair work has been carried out on the pedestrian bridges.

The speed limit on this part of the A7 has been 80 km/h for the last couple of years, but since these average speed cameras were installed they have been some of the most active cameras in the entire country. In 2015 these two cameras handed out a total of 54.273 fines.

This particular part of the A7 has many exits and entrances with short or no acceleration lanes, making it a very dangerous road. Spain’s Traffic Department (DGT) hopes that these speed cameras will make drivers respect the speed limit, making this road safer.

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