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Average salaries in Spain

The Spanish Central Bureau of Statistics, Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE) has published a survey that sheds light on wage differences in Spain.

euro-spain-flagThe survey covers the year 2013, but not has happened much with salaries since then. It turns out that women earn on average 24% less than men. While the average salary for men was € 25,675, the equivalent of the average salary for women was € 19,514.

It was also found that workers with temporary contracts had an average salary that was 36.6% lower than for those who had permanent employment on an annual basis. Even the actual contract were 2.9% lower than for those who had similar long-term contracts.

But it is not just women who are lagging behind in terms of salary. If you look at retirement there is a group that has even worse salaries. Here it is not the INE that supply statistics, but it is VidaCaixa in collaboration with the University of Barcelona who made a study. The study includes 1,017 men and women in the general scheme for self-employed (autonomo).

We are talking about the large group of self-employed, they have an average pension of 635 € per month, while a former employee has an average of € 1,155 per month. Thus it is 40% lower for the self-employed. It turned out that 78% of self-employed were more likely to not achieve a “decent pension” in comparison to permanent staff.

The Director for General Banking Foundation La Caixa, Jaume Giro, noted that there are currently more than 3 million self-employed in Spain and that they are an “important group” for creating jobs and economic recovery. According to the study, the proportion of self-employed in Spain 16.7%, while the European average is 14.3%.