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Audi chooses Marbella

Audi chooses Marbella for the international launch of its new TT model

Audi TT

Audi TT
Photo: Wikipedia

More than 500 journalists from five continents are visiting Marbella in September, in addition to about 60 people from different Audi dealers around the world. It involves leaders from all European countries, but also from more distant places such as China, Russia, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA. The event began on September 2nd and will last until September 26th, all in great secrecy with only invited guests.

The event takes place at the prestigious Marbella Club Hotel, where guests are staying and even get the first acquaintance with the cars. More advanced driving tests are then performed at the Ascari Race Resort court outside Ronda, Spain’s longest racing track (5,425 meters) and probably the best. After completion of the the driving at the race course the visitors are allowed to drive the cars back to the Hotel Marbella Club.

Audi has refrained from commenting on this, but sources within the company have stated that the choice of Marbella for this event depends on several factors. Among other things, guaranteed good weather, the selection of hotels as well as proximity to the large field Ascari Race Resort. Audi also appreciate the proximity to Málaga International Airport, as well as a pleasant and beautiful environment in Marbella.