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Assassins arrested in La Cala de Mijas

On Saturday Policia Nacional detained 7 people including 2 minors for having planned the murder of 3 people in Marbella.

assassins-la-cala-de-mijasThose arrested belonged to a criminal gang which had its operations based in Madrid but went to Costa del Sol having been commissioned to assasinate a contractor in Marbella and his two bodyguards. The assassination was ordered by a Colombian drug cartel and the agreed amount for the job was € 90,000.

The criminal league had rented a motorcycle to be used in the mission and it was planned to use one of the minors to do the shooting because of criminal consent and the legal issues that arise around charges against minors, a method that is widespread in Colombia at this type of assassinations.

Also the leader of the organization, known by the nickname “Snoopy” and “Nene” was arrested in the raid.

A total of three raids were conducted, one in La Cala de Mijas, one in Madrid and one in Málaga. Among the seized objects are 2 guns, 2 machine guns, assorted ammunition and video cameras used for surveillance.