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Art classes in Fuengirola

In English – Swedish – German – Spanish

Everybody can be an artist. Somteimes you just need a push to become one, even if you have never touched a pencil or a paint brush before. The goal of this course is to help revealing the artist within you.

The first step is to discover your natural skills by meeting with form and colour. I will help you choosing the type of tools which best suits your character: oil, acryl, aquarelle, carbon drawing, etc. The next step is to find out which art style best fits your personality: Realism, Figuralism, Impressionism, Landscaping, or any of the Abstract styles.

After the course you will have the chance to decide how far you would like to take your paintings and to find the path you should follow in order to develop your natural talents and your personal style.

As a part of the course, there will be a visit to the magnificient Mijas Peublo, where you can practice painting  – an importand training and exciting opportunity which helps you to improve and develop your artistic capabilities.

The Course lasts 2 weeks – 3 days weekly – allround painting activities.
The price is 250 Euro. All materials included. Groups from 3 to max 7. All ages from 16 years. Instructions from 10:30 am to 2 pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

benediktName: Benedikt Kiraly
Born: 16. January, Budapest.
Nationality: Swedish
Profession: Art Director, Designer, Painter, Inventor
Speaks: Swedish (Norvegian, Danish), Hungarian, Spanish, 1/2 French, German, (Swiss German), English
Likes: Sport – Golf, Tennis, My work: Art,
Lived in: Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, USA, Germany, Japan
Tel: 0034 – 625 513 437




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