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Antibiotic resistance

Spain has become increasingly vulnerable to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Their occurrence has increased dramatically in recent years, but it is also a global problem.

earth November 18th is the European Antibiotic Awareness Day. We are using this opportunity to spread awareness about antibiotic resistance. In the European joint campaign today there is much information to be found on the authorities’ and organization’s sites, see further down in this article.

The World Health Organization (WHO) sees this as a global health crisis and neither Europe or Spain are getting rid of the threat. However, some countries are better prepared than others to deal with the problem.

There is a five-point scale to indicate how vulnerable a country is and Spain is on level 4. There is only one higher level, and it is level 5 where Turkey, Greece, Malta and Italy are. In Spain multi-resistant bacteria have been detected in 34 provinces.

The European Centre for the Prevention and Control (ECDC) considers the levels that each country is in. They also criticized Spain for lack of comprehensive plans to combat antibiotic resistance. The only thing that exists is a regional plan developed in Madrid. Another tool that Spain is lacking is a national surveillance system.


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Antibiotics are one of the most valuable thing we have and we have long taken antibiotics for granted. Today antibiotic resistance is increasing, but everyone can help us to use antibiotics in the future. Information about what we all can and should do are available on the following website: EUROPEAN ANTIBIOTIC AWARENESS DAY