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Almost hit by falling palm

Pedestrians at Plaza Constitucion in Torrevieja center were close to being hit by a palm tree that collapsed last night.

palmsThe palm tree turned out to be infected by the Red Palm Weevil, Picudo Rojo, and as a result the palm tree snapped and the crown of the palm tree fell to the ground next to some pedestrians. Palm trees throughout Spain are under preventive treatment against the Red Palm Weevil.

Police cordoned off the green area just after the incident. Several palm trees in the area are visibly infected by the Red Palm Weevil and have begun to lose leaves. These palm trees have periodically been treated against Red Palm Weevil, but apparently without success.

Photo: Didier Descouens – Wikipedia

Photo: Didier Descouens – Wikipedia


The Red Palm Weevil, in Spanish called Picudo Rojo, came as an uninvited guest with a shipment of palms from Egypt in 1993 and has since established itself in Spain and many other European countries. The beetle has no natural enemies in Spain.

A number of measures have been initiated to protect trees in parks and also in private gardens in Spain.

An infected palm will be completely eaten up from within and sooner or later die of the infection.