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Air traffic controller strike affects Spain

A French air traffic controllers strike affects airports in France and affect flights in French airspace. Many flights to and from Spain are being canceled.


Air traffic controller. Photo: Mark Brouwer (Wikimedia).

Ryanair is one of the companies that are canceling numerous flights from Alicante, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Mallorca and Tenerife. French air traffic controllers went on strike for two weeks ago and then 30 departures from Alicante Airport were canceled.

Many of the planes that are not being canceled will suffer delays because some of the planes will not be allowed to fly over France, but must fly around French air territory.

The current strike will last 36 hours and ends at 07 a.m. on Friday, April 1st.

This is the 43rd strike since 2009. This has provoced the major European airlines and they believe that airlines and passengers are hostages in an internal French labor dispute. The management of A4E, British Airways and Ryanair are now openly criticizing the ongoing strike.

It is unacceptable that the airlines and their customers are being penalized over and over by these unjust strikes, says Thomas Reyneart, president of A4E (an association of airlines) in an angry comment. Ryanair is also fierce in their criticism, saying that air passengers are hostages in the French conflict. Michael O’Leary has previously suggested that there should be a strike ban for air traffic controllers. He now believes that other countries’ air traffic controllers should be able to take over the job when the French air traffic controllers are striking.