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Affordable beer in Málaga

Malaga is the fourth top spot among the world’s cheapest places to grab a beer, with an average price of 1.53 Euro.

Photo: Addison Berry

Photo: Addison Berry

Everything according to the report “Beer Price Index” compiled by The survey covers 75 cities around the world that are popular tourist destinations. The study includes both the common imported beer brands as well as local beers.

Prices have changed compared with 2014. For example, there has been a dramatic change in the exchange rate which meant that Zurich and Geneva are now among the most expensive and even overtaken last year’s most expensive city, which was Oslo.

According to the study Krakow (Poland) is the cheapest city in the world with an average price of 1.48 €. Followed by Kiev (Ukraine), with an average price of € 1.49 and in third place Bratislava (Slovakia), where the average price is 1.51. This means that Malaga is cheapest city in the country outside the former Soviet Union.

The report notes that Geneva is the most expensive city in the world to have a beer, with an average cost of € 5.64. Second most expensive Hong Kong € 5.50. The third most expensive is Tel Aviv in Israel with € 5.17.

If we look at the other major cities in Spain, Malaga differs very out with its low cost of 1.53 €. Barcelona ends on 52 place with € 3.44 – in Madrid, you have to pay € 2.39 and Seville € 2.23.

London is on 63rd place with an average price of €4.04 and is thus a bit more expensive than Barcelona. Liverpool is in 25th place with an average price of 2,36€. Thus it is cheaper to grab a beer in Liverpool than in both Barcelona and Madrid.

Prices are a weighted based on a beer in the bar and a beer bought in the store.
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