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A rapidly growing fast food chain

Burger King is growing rapidly and are now recruiting. Last year they opened more than 50 restaurants in Spain, and they plan to repeat this feat this year.


Burger King London. Photo: Crisloader, Wikipedia

The company currently has more than 600 restaurants in Spain with a total of 18,000 employees, and are planning to recruit an additional 1,000 people this year. They celebrate their 40th anniversary in Europe this year, since their first European restaurant opened in 1975 in Madrid.

To properly celebrate 40 years in Spain and Europe, Burger King has developed a quality red wine “Whopper Wine”. To give the wine an authentic “Whopper taste” it has been stored in barrels that have been made from wood that has been grilled at a Burger King restaurant. The wine can not be bought, but 40 bottles are available on a Facebook contest, so everyone has the opportunity to get a bottle for free.


Whopper wine. Photo: Burger King.

The predecessor of Burger King was founded in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida and was named Insta-Burger King. But it went bankrupt in 1954 and was bought by David Edgerton and James McLamore from Miami, Florida. They named the company Burger King and since then the company has changed owners four times, but their headquarters are still in Florida.

At present Burger King is the world’s second largest hamburger chain, with more than 13,000 restaurants in 88 countries. They have an average of 11 million guests every day and the Whopper Burger has been served more than a billion times. The world’s northernmost Burger King restaurant is located in Tromsø in Norway, while the highest restaurant is situated at 3500 meters altitude in La Paz, Bolivia. One would have thought that the biggest Burger King restaurant would be in the US, but it is not. The biggest is in Oktogon tér 1, Budapest, Hungary, has three floors and is five times larger than a typical Burger King restaurant.

whopper with cheese

Whopper with cheese. Photo: Lombroso, Wikimedia Commons.