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A city with attraction

Malaga has barely had time to draw breath after a record breaking tourist summer before the cruise season starts with a record number of cruise tourists.


Oais of the Seas. Photo: Málaga port.

In October 41 ships with a total of almost 85,000 passengers will arrive. This gives a great addition to the restaurants and shops, but also for the hotels. There are several cruise companies that use Málaga as home port, ie the cruises start and end in Málaga. Many of these passengers are spending one night at a hotel before or after the cruise and sometimes both before and after the cruise.

The harbour authorities say that more than 40% of this year’s cruise ships are arriving between September and November, with an estimated number of 98 vessels during this period. This autumn it is estimated that 225,000 cruise passengers will arrive and this is an increase of 16% from last year. There are a total of 17 vessels that have Málaga as its base, starting and ending the cruises regularly in the harbor.


Allure of the Seas. Photo: Dr.Braun


  • 27th October: 4 ships will be arriving with a total of more than 13,000 passengers, including “Allure of the Seas”, which has a capacity of over 6,300 passengers.
  • 29 October: This will be the day of the year when the largest amount of cruise ships are arriving. A total of six ships will arrive with 12,000 passengers.

Spain’s leading cruise company, Pullmantour, are starting their season this Sunday with cruise starting from Malaga port and they have currently scheduled eight departures until November 8 th.

The cruise companies have arranged massive excursion programs including trips to Marbella, Mijas Pueblo and the caves of Nerja. Sonia Preto, director of España & Portugal del grupo, expresses her satisfaction with the service and professionalism from the port’s side and the proximity to the city center, which the cruise passengers appreciate.

The cruise ship Norwegian Spirit with capacity for 1,996 passengers in Malaga. Photo: Erixon Consulting.

The cruise ship Norwegian Spirit with capacity for 1,996 passengers in Malaga. Photo: Erixon Consulting.