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9 tons of bananas dumped

On the Canary Islands the association for banana producers has ordered that 9 tons bananas is to be dumped to keep banana prices up and due to fruit market glut. Naturally, this has created strong reactions.

platanos-spainPreviously 2.4 tons of bananas has been given to food banks that distribute food to needy people but due to seasonal fluctuations, there is now a large surplus of bananas in the Spanish market during summer when water melons and Spanish melons also are filling the stores.

The manufacturers claim that they have no choice when other summer fruits are coming out in stores and that demand simply is not big enough. Critics on their side argue that more should have been done to avoid this waste of resources, stressing that producing bananas demand a lot of valuable water resources. 400-600 liters of water is needed to produce 1 kg of plátanos.

Facts: Bananas from the Canary Islands are called Plátanos and are sweeter than regular “bananas” and they are also a little bit shorter. Bananas imported from South America are harvested 30 days before they are ripe, becuase of the delivery time from picking to the stores. When it comes to plátanos from the Canaries, delivery time is maximum 7 days, thus one can let them ripen much longer before they are being harvested. 350 days of sunlight every year in the Canary Islands also makes the Canarian bananas much sweeter.