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4G in Spain

Today Movistar is activating 4G nodes in the Málaga province. Telefonica, Vodafone and Orange are now beginning to offer 4G services on the 800 MHz band

malagueta-4gThe development of 4G networks is not done simultaneously in all provinces, but Malaga is included in the first round, together with Alicante, Castellón, Valencia, Gerona, Tarragona, Almeria, Cadiz, Huelva and Murcia, meaning that 25 nodes are being activated.

4G is the new generation mobile network that provides the ability to surf up to ten times faster, and is completely computerized unlike 2G and 3G networks, where both voice and data traffic coexist. This technology increases download speed and it is now possible to stream HD video mobile, play online games, upload and download heavy files. To use the network you need a mobile phone, tablet or modem with support for 4G. Most new mobile phones sold today phones have support for 4G.

The three 4G operators objective is that 90% of Spain’s population will have access to 4G by the end of the year. Movistar owned by Telefonica is the largest mobile operator with 22 million customers and a market share of over 41%.

At Movistar websites you can check 4G coverage in your area.


Movistar 4G Coverage on Costa del Sol

Movistar 4G Coverage on Costa Blanca

Movistar 4G Coverage on Costa Blanca