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45 million Euro to be invested

Murcia region receives 45 million Euro from EU funds for the rehabilitation of the Mar Menor area.

mar-menorMar Menor is one of the region’s main economic sources of income and is also an unique area. According to the regional government there is not a similar lagoon anywhere else in Europe. The money that the region now has access to, will be used to invest in sustainable tourism and there are a number of planned measures to achieve this. The newspaper La Verdad writes that although the Mar Menor is under pressure due to human activities and showing signs of ecological destruction the regional government consideres that it is possible to reverse the trend.

One of the main objectives of the Mar Menor is zero emissions. It means an expansion of the infrastructure for sewage treatment and less use of fertilizers around the lagoon. Boat traffic is to be regulated, while there will be better conditions for cyclists. Among other things, there will be a cycle path all the way to the existing bike path in La Manga.

There will also be more emphasis on ferry traffic and the establishment of a water taxi. La Manga will get a continuous promenade and a plan to put an end to traffic jams will be developed. This will be done in collaboration with Cartagena and San Javier.

It will also focus on professional sports and recreational fishing, but also commercial fishing will be supported. But above all it is tourism that is to be strengthened and there will be made a comprehensive plan to attract investors to the Mar Menor. It is the regional Ministry of Economy, Employment and Tourism who is going to prepare this with the support of Insituto de Fomento in Murcia.