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246.000 counterfeit sunglasses seized

Policia Nacional has seized 246,120 counterfeit sunglasses and arrested two suspects in Madrid.

Photo: Policia Nacional

Photo: Policia Nacional

The investigation began after French customs informed Spanish police that they had seized 75,000 fake sunglasses that were destined to Madrid. In the beginning the investigation did not lead anywhere, as it turned out that those involved had changed the warehouse several times in order to make it harder for the police to trace them. But eventually the searches led to a confiscation and one managed to arrest what is believed to be the leader of the organization in Spain as well as a Chinese citizen.

The seized sunglasses have been sent to a laboratory to determine whether they may be harmful to users’ health. Counterfeit products have been shown to contain heavy metals and harmful chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin during use.

Pirate goods constitutes a major problem in the global economy. In addition to lost revenue for the rightful brand holders, it turns out that both terrorist organizations and organized criminal are financing their activities partly by producing and selling pirated copies of famous brands.

Here you can read Brandy Robinson’s article on the relationship between piracy products and terrorism.


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