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13 tons of hashish seized

Guardia Civil have seized 13 tons of hashish on a boat in the waters of the Alboran sea outside Malaga


Photo: Guardia Civil

The raid was initiatet after an Italian aircraft had taken suspicions against a British registered boat. The aircraft contacted the International Coordination Centre (ICC), which in turn informed the Guardia Civil vessel Rio Miño. When the crew of the boat were aware of the Guardia Civil, they tried to flee at high speed, but was stopped and boarded.

The boat was discovered 514 bales of hashish with a weight of 13,000 kg. The crew which consisted of two Spaniards and a Lithuanian were previously known for several cases of drug trafficking and was therefore arrested immediately. The crew and the seized goods were then transferred to Melilla where the crew will be brought to court.

(*) Alboranhavet is the westernmost part of the Mediterranean around the Spanish island of Alborán inside the Strait of Gibraltar.