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13 killed in terrorist attack

Thursday afternoon a white van drove into the popular pedestrian street La Rambla in the center of Barcelona.

Photo: McKenzie Tavoda / Twitter

The van drove 600 meters in zigzag through La Rambla in irder to hurt as many pedestrians as possible. 13 people were reported killed and more than 100 people were injured in the attack.

The police later published the image of a Moroccan citizen, named Driss Oukbar, whom they thought had hired the car used in the terrorist attack. This person turned himself to the police after seeing his own picture on the internet. He claims that his ID papers have been stolen and that he has no connection with the terrorist attack.

Two people have been arrested and one person has been killed by the police after the attack. The driver of the car is still on the run.

ISIS claims that they are behind the attack.

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