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Living in Torrevieja

Living in Torrevieja does not mean any decrease in living standards. For example the Spanish health care is at least as good as the English, and you don’t have to pay deductibles when you go to the doctor. The price level in Torrevieja is generally lower than in England and the same applies to the tax levels. The costs of electricity, gas and internet however are a bit higher than back home.

Where to live in Torrevieja

If you plan to live in Torrevieja, you should get to know a little about the different areas before moving. You can either choose to live in one of the English colonies that are here, or you can choose to live in an area where only Spanish is spoken. The English communities are in Torrevieja, Orihuela and Rojales, so here you can find all kinds of services like healthcare, banking and craftsmen in your own language. There are also some English schools in Torrevieja.
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Regardless of where in Torrevieja you are planning to live, it is recommended to attend to a Spanish class. Life will be a lot easier if you speak a little Spanish. Even though the locals in the most popular tourist resorts are used to speaking English, they will always appreciate foreigners speaking some of their own language. On you may find Spanish classes in Torrevieja.

Spanish people are known to be very outgoing, open hearted and curios on us foreigners and they are very talkative. You could experience that strangers are smiling at you in the street and that your neighbors start talking to you, even if they don’t know you.

As an employee in Torrevieja you have almost the same rights as back home. Those living in Torrevieja, describe life as a game!
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