Christmas in Spain

Christmas in Spain is celebrated until 6th of January. Most cities are beautifully decorated, and there is also a strong tradition in making Nativiy Scenes, a so called Belén that are seen on squares and in front of churches.

Christmas Lottery
El Gordo is one of the most popular lotteries in Spain. The drawings are shown on spanish television at December 22nd from 10 a.m. and lasts for several hours. There is no fancy technology here, but  a huge glass jar where small balls with all the numbers are being mixed together. School children do the drawings and sing the winning numbers. This is the oldest lottery in the world, and the one that pays out the largest percentage of the revenue back again as winnigs.

Christmas Eve
Spanish eat a dinner with their family on Christmas Eve. This is not the night when the presents are given.

New Year’s Eve
You will not see a lot of fireworks in Spain on New Year’s eve, but  there is usually a large party in some main square in every town. Bring 12 grapes and try to eat one grape for each ring of the church bells. It sounds easier than it is, but if you suceedd, you will get a great year.

Three Kings
Three kings day, 6th of january, is the day when presents are given in Spain. On the night before there is a Cabalgata in every town, a parade, with the three kings together with many other fairy tale characters, throwing candy to the children.


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