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Shopping in Torremolinos

Shopping i TorremolinosTorremolinos has a long tradition in tourism and there are many stores where you can find something for every taste. But shopping in Torremolinos is not only famous brands and uniform fashion. There are also small independent shops that import designer clothing to suit all tastes. Most shops are in the main street of Torremolinos around the train station and in the narrow street that is just behind the beach promenade in the Carihuela area. There are also plenty of shops on the stairway that goes from the pedestrian street down to the beach.

Shopping malls in Torremolinos

The nearest major shopping area is located in the Plaza Mayor which is not in itself Torremolinos, but just next to the airport and IKEA. Here you will find all major brands such as Zara, H&M, Stradivarius and so on. There is also a large entertainment and restaurants area at Plaza Mayor with lots of fun for the entire family. There is a cinema that shows at leat one movie with original english language every night. The train stops right next to Plaza Mayor.

Shopping on the beach promenade in Torremolinos

ShoppingWhile we are talking about shopping in Torremolinos, we must not forget that there are also shops along the beach promenade. The beauty of the beach promenade in Torremolinos is that it is a clean walkway where you can take a leisurely stroll and look at life. Although the seafront is dominated by restaurants and cafes, there are also some shops where you can shop while strolling along the beach. In the south end of the seafront is there some chinese bazars and if you continue south from the beach promenade you will find several shops and restaurants. In the street behind the Baech PRomenade in the Caracola Area there is also several shops mixed with restaurants and cafes.

Shopping at the market in Torremolinos

For a complete experience of shopping in Torremolinos you must also remember to give the market a visit. The street market in Torremolinos at the Recinto Ferial, the Fair Ground every Thursday and Sunday between 1000 and 1400. At the market can buy everything between heaven and earth from clothing, jewelry, shoes and toys to fruit, vegetables, olives and so on. You may also try to bargain on prices.

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Torremolinos is at first glance a typical seaside resort. Torremolinos was the first tourist resort to open on the Costa del Sol. Tourists from all over the world come to Torremolinos to enjoy the sun and the beauty of the city centre and it is densely packed with hotels and pools. Upon closer inspection you will still find that the area also has many other great things to offer. The main street is beautiful and so is the beach promenade and the long stairs that climb from the main street down to the beach.

Among the positive things any tourist would point out about Torremolinos are the short distance to the airport, the beautiful beaches and the large selection of restaurants and bars. Torremolinos has a vibrant night life with many pubs and clubs and there is also a large LGBT community.

We will publish more exciting articles about shopping in Torremolinos. Please visit again soon to see what we found.

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