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Feria Internacional de los Pueblos in Fuengirola

Feria de los Pueblos 2017 is being arranged from 27. April to 1. May. The large procession with people dressed up in traditional costumes will take place on saturday 29. april. The parade starts from Plaza de España at 11:30 a.m. and arrives at the Fair Ground around 1:30 p.m.

Read all about Feria de los Pueblos in Fuengirola 2017. We will post new photos and videos every day.

Feria in Fuengirola

When: 27. April to 1. May 2017

Price: Access to the fair ground is absolutely free. In the casetas you can buy food and drinks, but you usually have to purchase tickets in a special box in each caseta. Throughout the fair there are plenty of free concerts and dance performances inside the casetas or on the street.

Location: The event takes place on the fair ground, ie where the market usually takes place on the border between Fuengirola and Los Boliches.

The parade through the centre with all the casetas with the display of the folk costumes will take at 29. April. The parade starts from Plaza de España at 11:30 a.m. and is expected to reach the fair ground at around 1:30 p.m. You may see the entire program for the Fair here:
PDF Document

Beautiful dancing bartender - Cuba - Feria de pueblos Fuengirola

We got a private dance show at the bar in the Cuban caseta.



Noooisy Brazil - Feria de Pueblos Fuengirola 2015

Turn the volume up.

A bunch of drummers and dancers are lifting the roof at the Brazilian Caseta.


The British Caseta - International Fair in Fuengirola

Apache performed at the British Caseta


Flamenco from Cadiz, Feria de Pueblos Fuengirola

Even though the international Feria in Fuengirola above all is about all the nationalities that are living here, some of the cities and regions of Spain also have their own Caseta.

This video is from the Caseta Cadiz where a real Flamenco party is taking place. It is crammed with people enjoying the music and as you can see it is an excellent mood in the premises.


A real Greek party, Feria de Pueblos Fuengirola

In a real Greek party breaking of plates is an important ingredient. Lots of plates.

It is an old Greek traditon and it looks like a lot of fun. Doesn't it?


Dance from India, Feria de Pueblos Fuengirola

Of course we have to show you a dance from the Indian Caseta. Indian music always makes us happy.

You can also buy clothes from the Indian Caseta, and as you probably know, indian clothes are the most comfortable in the world.


Folk Dance from Bulgaria, Feria de Pueblos Fuengirola

An impulsive dance in the Bulgarian Caseta on the International Feria in Fuengirola.

As you can see there are not only professional dancers here. The rythms of the music simply attracted more people to the dance floor.

You can clearly see the happiness in the faces of the participants.

What a joyful music.


How to roll a cigar, Caseta Cuba

On the Cuban caseta we got a demonstration of how to roll a cigar.

Here we cheated a little bit as the inner core with dry leaves was already made in advance.

In this video we see how the outer leaf is being applied. The dexterity is impressive, and the whole process is completed in less than two minutes.


The Norwegian caseta at the fair in Fuengirola

Good atmosphere at the Feria in "Norway"

Following the tradtion, the Norwegian troll is standing outside the Norwegian caseta to ensure that the sales of waffles and sausages is all being done correctly.

The Norwegian caseta has really hit the jackpot this year with Kaspers Orchestra & Jonathan. Lots of people had found their way on to enjoy the great music and the atmosphere was absolutely impeccable. Lisa Wessel Eriksen has a fantastic voice and the sound engineers have managed to bring out the quality of the music in spite of the limitations of the premises.

Experience the great atmosphere in the video below

Feria Internacional de los Pueblos also known as the International Fair, is one of the year's biggest highlights in Fuengirola. This Feria arranged in April / May. In 2013 the International Feria is being held in the period og 1st to 5th of May. The fair marks the start of the high-intensity tourist season in Fuengirola.

At the entrance of the Fair ground is a small amusement park with some rides, bouncy castles etc that are fun for kids of all ages. As you proceed into the fair ground you will reach the main area with the casetas. This feria is a cultural showcase for the many nationalities residing in Fuengirola. Each country has it's own stand, or Caseta, serving traditional food and drinks from each country, and you can also experience concerts, folk music and dances from the different countries, free of charge. This fair attracts 800,000 visitors from all over Spain and Europe.

Images from Feria internacional de los Pueblos Fuengirola

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Fuengirola is a small holiday resort with 60,000 inhabitants and between 200,000 and 400,000 tourists. Fuengirola is located midway between Malaga and Marbella. It takes about 30 minutes by car from Malaga or Marbella. The city is suitable for anyone who likes to be in the sun. If you think it is too crowded in August, you can always go to the suburb of Caravajal to rent a comfortable hammock or Torreblanca which is a bit more spacious. The area of Fuengirola is completely melted together with the city of Mijas Costa.

Fuengirola has one of the nicest and longest beaches on the entire coast. Several years in a row, almost all the beaches in Fuengirola have been awarded with the "Blue Flag" which is a quality designation that goes on purity, availability and ease of use.

Feria de Pueblos - Cuba
Feria de Pueblos - Dance from India
Feria de Pueblos - Greece - Breaking plates in the Greek Caseta
Feria de Pueblos Fuengirola - Flamenco from Cadiz
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