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Ink and Toner Fuengirola

  • Location: Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain

Compatibles or original cartridges
At La Tienda de Cartuchos you can chose between original cartridges or others produced and compatible with Canon, Lexmark, Brother, Epson or HP printers. The compatible cartidges cost a lot less than the originals. The myth that so called copies are not as dependable as the originals, is sure alive as with other branches. A mandatory release of a patent is set to one year. When companies offer the same product, it only means that a consumer has more choices. The content remains the same. We will easily give you information if you have any questions.

You get your HP 301 ink cartidges refilled for 20% off the regular price. We do other brands as Canon, Lexmark and Brother as well and refill the ink cartridges in front of you.

We have the brands and models, but if we accidently don't have your specific model in stock, we will order it and you'll have it within 48-72 hours.

And by the way: You cannot find printer paper cheaper elsewhere in Fuengirola.

If you are by chance a gadget freak, we also stock smart LED lights with speakers. We have 3D glasses and other bluetooth speakers small and bigger sizes. It's something to consider for gifts or for yourself.