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Insurance for expats Marbella

  • Location: Marbella, Málaga, Spain

Anagan have been conveying Insurance in Spain b> since 1991 and has now opened the first office for Expats in Spain. We are an independent mediator to help our customers with the right insurance at the right price!

Are you properly insured? Are you paying too much?
Our challenge is to get individuals and businesses to understand that there is much to save by not paying high fees and having a proper protection if an accident should happen. Insurance is unfortunately low priority but may be essential in some situations. With the help of our advice, you do not need to do all the work yourself.

Unconditionally and without cost?
Ifyou'll let us, we will look at what kind insurance you have and what you need, then we will give you the offers from Europe's largest insurance companies to see who has the best deal. Everything is completely objective and free. If you then decide to become a customer, we take care of the practicalities surrounding the change of insurance. If an accident happens we'll help you get in touch with the insurance company, which is comforting for many when language may otherwise be a limitation.