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Chiropractor Albir

  • Location: Albir, Alicante, Spain

Advanced Chiropractic (formerly Costa Blanca Chiropractic Centre) is an Authorized Chiropractic Center in the heart of Albir in Spain next to Alfas del Pi and Benidorm. We are an interdisciplinary team of chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, pilates instructor and nutritionist. With us you will meet therapists who are dedicated, solution-oriented and willing to think outside the box. All therapists are working toward a common goal: to help you get well as quickly as possible.

Have you got a chronic or acute back problem?
If you are struggling with chronic back pain, muscular challenges / pain or acute back problems, we can help you. We help you find and correct the main reason and give advices on how to exercise to prevent and get stronger.

Interdisciplinary team
Through a combination of several treatments you can recover faster and regain mobility, agility and get rid of back, pelvis or neck problems. Often the problem is located somewhere else than you think. Some need other kinds of solutions in addition to chiropractic treatment. Using an overall assessment, interdisciplinary cooperation and a good rehabilitation plan the possibility of getting well is considerably larger.

Effective Red Cord training - become a better version of yourself
Red Cord are among the types of exercise that is least burdensome and is a very effective method to build up the core muscles in the back, pelvis and abdomen. It is essential for good posture and a healthy back.

• We speak English Scandinavian(Norwegian) and Spanish.
• New customers are offered a free consultation with the chiropractor so we can determine if chiropractic treatment is the right choice for you.
• The travel insurance covers chiropractic treatment for acute back pain on vacation.

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