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This Business Directory is adapted to local businesses and service providers in Spain.


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Megafon has been online since 2008 and has a high ranking in Google on search phrases related to Spain. Many visitors are using as an information source while relocating to Spain or while planning a vacation in Spain.

At the moment has more than 27.000 visitors every month generating a total of 75.000 pageviews every month.

When you are trying to sell something you should always use several marketing Channels, because every person is different. Thus everybody uses different channels to look for information on the internet. By using several marketing channel you will simply reach out to more customers, allowing you to sell your products ans services faster.


Please make sure to select the correct category when publishing to assure that visitors find what they are looking for.

When adding images, make sure to firstly upload the image you want to appear as the thumbnail for your ad. You can add up to 4 pictures to each object.


Advertising a service for businesses costs 180€ for 90 days. After 90 days you may renew your ad if you want to.