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About this service

Please press "Like" and check out our classified ads for buying and selling stuff in Spain. By pressing like you will be notified whenever a new item is being published on this website.

Ads for private persons on this site are free. If you have something for sale, you can publish your ad on and it will be visible in the facebook news feed of people who like this page.

Why would i want to publish my stuff for sale on this site?

This is not a facebook group. This is a searchable database for classified ads. It means that it will always be up-to-date, because old ads will automatically expire. The publisher needs to republish their ad if they still want it to be available.

The administrator of this group will publish new items from the database in the facebook news feed to the fans on a daily basis.

I am already a member of a Facebook group about selling stuff in Spain

We don't ask you to become a member of our facebook group. You can if you want to, but we have more than 27.000 visitors every month and that is what matters if you really want to sell your stuff.

Facebook groups are not at all suitable for buying and selling stuff at all. Why? There are a lot of Facebook groups about selling and buying stuff in Spain, but none of them work really well (no offence - it's a good initiative but it's not working).

Facebook groups for selling stuff are only effective when they have a certain amount of members - like 10.000 members or more. One would think that it would be easy to get rid of your stuff on such a large group. Well - it's not. Large groups have so much activity that when you publish something for sale it will only be visible for about 10-15 minutes. It's the 15 minutes of fame as we like to call it. After 15 minutes your item is so far down on the newsfeed that those checking the facebook page won't see your item. What is the possibility that somebody that wants your stuff is checking their facebook during the 15 minutes your item is available in the newsfeed?

By publishing your stuff for sale on you will get the advantage of both a searchable database and a facebook newsfeed. has 27.000 visitors every month so you will reach a large audience.